Guardian Services of Northwest Michigan brings protection to individuals in jeopardizing situations and promotes a safekeeping environment while teaching independence. 


A guardian is an entity appointed by a probate court and given power and responsibility to make certain decisions about the care of another individual. These decisions might include treatment decisions or where the individual should live. If the individual has a reduced life expectancy due to advanced illness, the guardian may have power to make an informed decision on behalf of the individual regarding receiving, continuing, discontinuing, or refusing medical treatment.

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Conservatorship is similar to guardianship in that it is a legal relationship between a protected person and one or more individuals appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of the protected person. However, while a guardianship may encompass all personal affairs of a protected person, a conservatorship is limited to the management of the property and financial affairs of a protected person. As with guardianship, a conservatorship may be full, limited, temporary, or joint.

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Guardian Ad Litem


Services in the individuals prior to guardianship and conservatorships.

Includes reports back to the courts on findings.

Medical Durable Power of Attorney

MDPOA are specific to the medical decisions to be made if the protected person is incapable of making the decisions for themselves.


Established through the Court or through and insurance company and or attorney

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